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If you are reading this Cinderella solution review, I know that you must have tried to lose weight at some time in your life. 

Sometimes we feel like we’re doing everything right, yet still not getting the result we want. However, there may be many reasons why you are not be getting the result.

You may be actually holding back your progress because you’re following misguided or outdated advice.

The truth is as we get older, it gets harder to lose weight, our metabolism- the rate at which we burn calories slows down.

Some of the reason is that taking care of your body is no longer a priority amid the stress of juggling a career and family.  

The good news is you can still get back into shape by simply making a few lifestyle changes.

Let’s discuss if this program can help you slim down and stand the test of time.


What is Cinderella Solution Program?

Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program, specifically designed for women. This program is created by Carly Donovan.

Most of the weight loss programs are filled with a scientific and psychological fact about health and nutrition.

However, Cinderella solution diet program is more about her personal approach. It comprises the same daily meal plan that she personally used in her life-changing, 84-pound weight loss journey.

Her weight loss journey involves making better eating choices and also some simple workouts.

It doesn’t recommend starving yourself to lose weight. It dictates that starving yourself is a serious blow to your health.  

By starving yourself, you are only making it harder for your body to sustain long-term weight loss

It goes on to explain that when you limit your calories drastically, you’re only depriving yourself of the energy you need to sustain your body’s system.

The good thing about this program is that there is no counting calories, no forbidden foods and also no lasting hunger.

Like all the world most effective weight loss rituals, this program has also included delicious food pairings to help accelerate the rate of your weight loss.

It suggested consuming fat-fighting foods that target the trouble-spots around your hips butt and belly in a format that resets and re-ignites your metabolism.

You’ll also find some of the most food pairings like adding nutmeg and actual chocolate to a smoothie.

The program also included a clear picture on how to get started with the right kind of exercises along with detailed videos that take out all the guesswork.

cinderella solution does it work
Successful C.S Clients Before and After pictures

What’s Inside The Cinderella Solution program?

The Cinderella solution program is split into five sections.  

Since everyone has different ways of getting things accomplished more effectively, the author has included two different ways to get started the program.

The “Start Now Learn later” way

1st STEP: The C.S. Quick Start Guide

2nd STEP: The C.S. Daily Nutrition Blueprint

3rd STEP: The C.S. Main Book & Owner’s Manual

4th STEP: The C.S. Movement-Sequencing Exercise Guide

5th STEP: C.S. University

The “Learn NOW & start when I’m ready” way

1st STEP: The C.S. University

2nd STEP: The C.S. Main Book & Owner’s Manual

3rd STEP: The C.S. Quick Start Guide

4th STEP: The C.S. Daily Nutrition Blueprint

5th STEP: The C.S. Movement-Sequencing Exercise Guide

To give you a wider view of the program, let’s discuss them one-by-one.

A Quick Peek Inside The Program

The Quick Start Guide (17 pages)

This section will teach you the correct way to get started losing weight.  It includes the quick start instruction to give you a basic understanding of the program.

 The guide includes instructions on how to use the other C.S primary weight loss tools “The Cinderella Solution Daily Nutrition Blueprint” which outline all of your food, all your meal and what to do to start your journey fast and finish your journey strong.

It also covers the thing you need to know about the C.S exercise-Sequencing exercise guide to help lose weight faster. 

The C.S. Daily Nutrition Blueprint (101 pages)

cinderella solution ebook


This book is designed to help you create your own meal plan or simply follow the 14-day calendar provided.

However, if you choose to personalize your own diet plan, you’ll also find the 14-day calendars that you can work from. 

It is created in such a way that you can simply go to the daily meal guide and bonus recipe section and select the meals that work best for you.

The author claimed that she has designed this system as effective as possible while also being enjoyable and simple.

If you are always in a hurry and rush of your daily living demands from work, school or any other family obligations, you’ll find easy and healthy breakfast ideas to make in a hurry

The C.S. Movement-Sequencing Exercise Guide (30 pages)

It clearly mentioned that exercising is not mandatory for weight loss with Cinderella Solution. However, it may be required if you decided to get started losing weight even faster.

It assured that it’ll definitely help accelerate fat loss and create a toned physique while creating more lasting and permanent results.  

The exercises are also designed for the people who have never worked out before or started to workouts again after a long break.

It is created to help you scale everything up or down depending on experience comfort and time constraints.

The movement-sequencing involves 2 types of movement combination, full and partial sequencing.

The full body sequencing focuses on the maximum engagement of the entire body to elicit a concentrated and prolonged fat burning effect.

The partial sequencing actually targets trouble areas with specific movements to bring up muscle-tone while using a hormone known as catecholamine to stimulate lipolysis of fat burning in the body.

The C.S. Main Book & Owner’s Manual (76 pages)

This book is the detailed manual and reference guide to everything C.S program. In this guide, you’ll learn how this program works as well as specific information on why it works.

You will learn about Cinderella’s proven approach to weight loss rituals like “flavor-pairing” plus the two multi-faceted phases to get you there: Ignite and Launch.

Cinderella Solution University (56 pages)

Inside this book, you’ll learn how the female metabolism actually works and how the system was built and why it works so well.

It also discusses ICE dysfunction, covering all the actions needed to get your hormones running like clockwork, losing fat and feeling amazing forever in the ICE inversion section.

What Do I Like About The Book?
  • The language of the book is well organized and easy to understand.
  • It is straight to the point.
  • The book comes with a 60-day money-back; in this case, if the buyer is not satisfied with a program they can request the full refund.
  • There is no list of foods to avoid as you’ll find on other diets.
  • Create your own meal plan are offered with daily meal guide and a bonus recipe.
  • Able to lose up 18 pounds in the first month.
  • You are more likely to eat healthy foods. In the daily Nutrition blueprint section, you’ll learn how to prepare meals that will keep you lean and fit.
What Are The Cons of Cinderella Solution?
  • You’ll need to weigh in once a week to track your progress on C.S. Many dieters may feel uncomfortable to this requirement.
  • Most of the foods recommended are low-carbohydrate diet, of course, it helps you faster weight than other diets but at the same time, it can be unhealthy too if you don’t follow it properly. You’ll have to be sure that you don’t cut out nutritious foods such as high fiber vegetables.
  • Maintaining motivation while participating in this weight loss can be very challenging. If you lose motivation you might not able to achieve your weight loss goals.
Bottom Line

There is no easy way; losing weight requires motivation and dedication. I believe the best type of weight loss program for lasting success is the one which consists of both diet and exercise plan.

This Cinderella Solution program can be recommended only if you-

  • Like a healthier approach to food.
  • Willing to put your honest effort in the battle against weight loss.
cinderella solution review

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